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Renewable Natural Resources Foundation (RNRF) recognizes that sustaining the Earth's renewable resources base will require a collaborative approach to problem solving using biological, physical and social sciences, and design and engineering disciplines.

RNRF's mission is to advance the application of science and related disciplines in decision-making, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and educate policymakers and the public on managing and conserving renewable natural resources.

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American Geophysical Union Responds to Trump Administration's Decision Regarding the Paris Climate Agreement


Washington, D.C. – The following statement is attributable to Chris McEntee, Executive Director and CEO of the American Geophysical Union:

"When signed in December 2015, the Paris Agreement marked a historic moment. Representatives of 195 nations came together to commit to lowering greenhouse gas emissions to help slow the far-reaching effects of climate change to the nation and the world.

Today, in making a troubling, shortsighted decision to withdraw the U.S. from the agreement, the Trump Administration has signaled to the world that it does not value the urgency with which we must act on climate change.

AGU past president Margaret Leinen – who was present at the proceedings of the Paris Agreement – noted that by adopting the agreement, the signatory nations had taken decisive steps to collectively reaffirm the real and serious effects of climate change, while laying out a strategy that would keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius, thus helping to lessen the most severe impacts on people's lives and society at large...

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Volume 31 Number 1

Withdrawal from International Agreements: Legal Framework and the Paris Agreement

Renewed attention to the role of Congress in the termination of treaties and other international agreements has arisen following statements by President Donald Trump that he may consider withdrawing the United States from certain high profile agreements.

This article examines the legal framework for withdrawal from international agreements with a specific focus on the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Restoring and Sustaining Great Lakes Ecosystems

More than 30 million people live in the Great Lakes basin, and the impact of their daily activities, from the water consumed to the waste returned, directly affect the Great Lakes environment.

This article examines ongoing efforts to restore and sustain Great Lakes ecosystems with a specific focus on efforts made under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

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