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The Renewable Resources Journal (RRJ), established in 1982, provides information of general interest concerning public policy issues related to natural resources management. The journal is comprised of contributed and solicited articles on a wide range of natural resource issues, news items about RNRF's members, notices of significant meetings, editorials, and commentaries. The journal is published quarterly. Subscription rates for print issues are: Individual, U.S. address -  $30; Institution, U.S. address - $49; Individual, foreign address - $35; and Institutional, foreign address - $55. Single copies of issues can be purchased for $10, plus $2.50 S/H. Please make checks in U.S. funds from U.S. bank payable to:  Renewable Natural Resources Foundation, 6010 Executive Boulevard, 5th Floor, North Bethesda, MD 20852-3827. Also, you may pay over the phone or at this web site using a credit card by using the "Donate/Subscriptions" link at left.

Guidelines for Contributors available here.

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Tables of Contents of all previous issues of RRJ, including all 29 volumes dating back to 1982, are available online.  Single print issues of the journal may be purchased at the link above.  RNRF Congress reports, published as special editions of RRJ are available for download at our congress page.

NEW: Beginning with Volume 28 Number 3, all issues of the Renewable Resources Journal are available for free digital download. Issues will be posted at the tables of contents page and distributed via the RNRF list serve.

Selected content from previous issues of the Renewable Resources Journal are available for free download here.

Guide for Contributors to the Renewable Resources Journal


The Renewable Resources Journal (RRJ) is a quarterly journal of Renewable Natural Resources Foundation. Its goal is to provide timely, useful, and accurate information on natural resource conservation, management, and public policy. RRJ is designed to foster communication, cooperation, and collaboration across natural resource disciplines and organizations.

We encourage submission of topical manuscripts of broad interest that address contemporary issues and problems at the intersection of natural resource conservation, management, and public policy. Authors are encouraged to contact the editor at to discuss the scope and topic of an article. Lengthy, specialized, or highly technical articles will not be accepted.

General Instructions

Manuscripts must be typed, upper and lower case, double-spaced throughout, with ample margins. Subheadings are desirable. The title should be short, yet explicit, beginning with a key word useful in indexing. The title, author's name, and affiliation should be included as the author wishes it to appear. Each page should be numbered consecutively and carry an abbreviated version of the title in the upper right corner. Footnotes are permissible and desirable when merited. Photographs and tables may be submitted but will only be printed in black and white. The editor reserves the right to decide whether to include the photographs or tables. Recommended maximum length of articles is 4,000 words.

Articles should be sent via email in text or Word format to Figures and images should be submitted in EPS format with sufficient resolution. Tables should be in Excel or Word formats. The editor reserves the right to edit all manuscripts for length and content. All will be reviewed by the editor, and, where appropriate, by experts in the subject matter being reported. The editor also reserves the right to determine in which issue of RRJ an article will appear.

All questions regarding publication should be addressed to the Editor, Renewable Resources Journal, Renewable Natural Resources Foundation, 6010 Executive Boulevard, 5th Floor, North Bethesda, MD 20852-3827 USA or